Pyre, From the Makers of Bastion and Transistor, Revealed for PS4

By PR,

Pyre: "A funeral pile; a combustible heap on which corpses are burned."

Quite a dark name, at first glance... but, on second thought, it makes three for three as Supergiant Games has once again encapsulated both hope and despair into a succinct one-word metaphor. It follows on from idiomatic "The Last Bastion of...", and Transistor, which the Nobel Foundation describes as a combination of Transfer and Resistor (used in the game as a double-double-entendre for the co-starring character of the same name, I like to think).

It shouldn't be surprising then that the 'funeral pyre' used here may actually be some reflection of hope; indeed from what we know so far it seems the central characters are rather more like the phoenix seeking to rise up from the ashes.
Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.
The Story So Far
At the beginning of the game, your luck has almost run out when several masked wanderers find you and revive you from the brink. With your help, they seek to learn the truth about the Rites, a secretive competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions.
At this point we don't really know much else about the gameplay or the story, but we have managed to find a couple of bonus sentences that give quite significant hints for fans of the RPG genre.

Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Supergiant Games, said:
The characters in the game are unique, specific characters. You will be able to specialize their abilities, outfit them with Talismans that enhance their abilities, and affect certain key stats that influence their behavior, but you won’t roll characters from scratch or anything like that.
The party aspect is one of the things we’re really excited about with this game. There are very different types of characters you can bring into play — we’re showing just the three for starters — and so there’s inherent strategy in mixing and matching them in different ways. Whether players make these decisions from a pure gameplay standpoint (“what’s the strongest possible team?”) or from a more emotional standpoint (“who should I match up together in the field?”), or somewhere in between, we want those choices to be interesting and rewarding.
The artwork so far only stars these three characters (with and without their masks/helmets), but by the sounds of it there will be more to choose from!
Pyre reveal Postcard

That's all for now, but you can be sure we'll have plenty more coverage for this in the months to come, so keep that fire burning right here on TT.

Pyre has been announced for a 2017 release on PS4.
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