This Is The Police Coming To PS4

By Andy Mills,
This is the Police, a game Kickstarted to the tune of $35,508, will be coming to PS4, it has been announced. The game is a moral choice-focused strategy adventure where you play as police chief Jack Boyd voiced by Jon St. John, voice of Duke Nukem as well as Big The Cat, the latter a fact I always enjoy telling people.

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Jack Boyd has served as police chief at Freeburg Police department for decades. Throughout the years, he did his duty, put himself in danger and yet never strayed, always remaining an honest cop. Without warning, he gets a letter from the city's mayor that simply states: "Thank you. You are fired. Please leave in 180 days". Understandably, our protagonist is none too chuffed with that and has an equally-simple response to the news: "To hell with it!"

Players will then take over as Jack Boyd as they choose what to do with his last 180 days. There is only one definite objective: have $500,00 in his account before he leaves. How he earns that money is up to the player with a variety of methods on offer. Co-operating with the Mafia? Selling confiscated weapons? A simple bribe? All options as Jack - and the player - balances the daily routine as the Police Chief and making money, trying to avoid trouble as he goes.

As well as the announcement of the game coming to consoles, a story trailer has also been revealed, titled "So Barbaric".

If you find all of this intriguing, you might not have to wait as long as you might think. The PS4 version will launch soon after the PC version, which is due for this summer.

We've got the full list of This is the Police trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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Written by Andy Mills
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