H1Z1 Offers Up a Video Progress Report

By Mark Delaney,
H1Z1 isn't going to keep us in the dark. Daybreak Studios isn't going to leave us wondering what happens next just as a cheap marketing strategy. They understand that the games have devoted fans who are anxious to follow along regardless and they don't need to do that, unlike some other zombie sagas that I could mention, but I won't. This progress report for March showcases some of the work that's gone towards the pair of games in the H1Z1 series. It wasn't specified which game, if only one, is shown here. However, if it is just one, it looks more like H1Z1: Just Survive than its shooter-focused accompaniment.

I bet we'll see more of the game really soon. We won't have to wait til October to see it again, that's for sure. That would totally ruin the emotional impact that this very important scene -- I mean game -- is meant to have. Okay, maybe I'm not talking about H1Z1 anymore.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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