Exodus of Sol Revealed

By Brooker,
It seems that the re-invigoration of the Space Combat genre is in full swing. With last week’s release of Strike Suit Zero, it seems that everyone is after a piece of this pie now.

Yesterday it was announced that the core development team behind indie space shooter Sol: Exodus have formed a new studio and will be bringing a rebooted version of their old school space dog-fighter to the PlayStation 4.

Bitplanet Games’ https://www.truetrophies.com/Exodus-of-Sol/trophies.htm brings space combat to our solar system as it is on the brink of extinction. Threatened by the impending melt down of the Sun and the world ending shock wave that will follow, you will have to defend resources and rescue those that want to try and survive the incoming apocalypse. All this must be done while simultaneously pushing back against the radical “Children of Dawn” movement that is trying to hold the system hostage with its twisted beliefs that those willing to embrace the Sun’s end will find comfort.







Not wanting to just release an HD remake of their first game, Bitplanet have put a tremendous amount of work in to be able to justify the new name.

Exodus of Sol includes many fan-requested features including multiple pilot-able ships, all new missions, enhanced visuals, upgraded ship physics, new 3D radar system, ship energy management, and more!
Speaking on the remade game, studio head Christopher Stockman said:

We’ve improved upon or added so many new features into the game that appending Enhanced Edition (or something similar) to the original name would be short-selling our new game. Plus, we think Exodus of Sol just sounds cooler!
I can’t argue with that. Exodus of Sol has been confirmed for release on PlayStation 4 with a release window yet to be announced.
Written by Brooker
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