Drawful 2 and The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Announced

By Lexley Ford,
Jackbox Games, developer behind party games like Fibbage Trophies, Quiplash Trophies and You Don't Know Jack Trophies, has announced two new titles that will be heading our way in 2016. The first, Drawful 2, is the follow-up to Drawful and tasks players with drawing “weird, funny and sometimes borderline impossible things” on their smartphones or tablets. The sequel will double the available colours from one to two, and features enhanced streaming tools, including an audience mode that allows up to 10,000 spectators to play along and influence the game’s outcome, as well as the ability to censor answers and drawings from trolls.

Drawful 2

Following later in the year, the third in Jackbox Games' series of ultimate game night bundles, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, will provide you and your friends hours of entertainment with five new and, as of yet, unconfirmed games. Additional details on the titles and features contained within The Jackbox Party Pack 3 will be unveiled throughout the year, but Jackbox Games has stated that Drawful 2 will not be included in that bundle.

Jackbox Party Pack 3

Drawful 2 will be testing your drawing skills in the Spring, while The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is due to arrive this Fall.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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