The Musical Side of Abyss Odyssey

By knight0fkh0nshu,
If you are a fan of Rock of Ages, then listen up because the team behind that title, ACE Team, has a new game headed your way called Abyss Odyssey. It was revealed a little over a month ago that Abyss Odyssey will be coming soon to the Playstation 3. Since then, we have seen videos that have shown off a couple of the characters from the game, including Judith and Bauta.

This new video goes behind the scenes into an aspect of games that we don't get to see much: the musical production and the people behind it. Patricio Meneses will once again try to deliver a soundtrack for everyone who plays Abyss Odyssey to enjoy!

While there is still not a firm release date set for Abyss Odyssey, it is expected to fight its way onto PSN this summer!

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