Gary the Gull Announced for VR

By Alex Frost, 3 years ago
For those looking for more PlayStation VR experiences, Pixar and Bungie alum Tom Sanocki, along with Motional, has a new one incoming: Gary The Gull.

Announced at this year's GDC, Gary the Gull is a VR "interactive movie" that lets you interact with a gull, named Gary, who would most definitely like to share your food with him on a pleasant beach.

You start on a beach with a cooler full of tasty food in front of you, and because it’s in VR it looks and feels like you’re actually there. Then a seagull lands next to you — and starts talking!

You can respond to him — you can talk back, answer his questions by nodding or shaking your head, or just ignore him. He tries to distract you by making you look away, and if you lean in too close he’ll jump back.

For those, like my co-worker, who enjoy feeding the sea gulls at risk of life and limb, this may be the safest way to interact with them. Plus, no extra food scraps are required.

Gary the Gull has no official release date for its PlayStation VR debut so we'll keep you posted when it does.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Gary The Gull trophies.
Alex Frost
Written by Alex Frost
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