Playstation Store Launch Party 2016 Revealed

By MunchMagic1986,
Sony has announced that they are retiring their annual Spring Fever promotion, which sees five or six new titles released at discount prices; however, this is only a retirement of the name itself. They will be running their annual Spring promotion but they are going with a different name from here on out — Launch Party. Starting next week, both the EU and US Stores will be running the promotion with each one having a similar lineup. The only difference between them is Alienation will only be on the US store, while The Park will be EU only and will land on the same week as Stories: The Path of Destinies. Are any of these game taking your fancy?

Launch Party

Salt and Sanctuary Trophies - March 15th

Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trophies - March 22nd

Enter the Gungeon Trophies - April 5th

Stories: The Path of Destinies Trophies - April 12th

The Park Trophies - April 12th (EU Only)

Invisible, Inc. Trophies - April 19th

Alienation Trophies - April 26th (US Only)