10 Second Ninja X Announced

By Joseph C.,
Four Circle Interact released a little game for PC back in 2014 known by the apt moniker 10 Second Ninja, which eschewed many of the trappings of modern puzzle-platformer games. In it, players tackled levels a mere 10 seconds long, but the precise timing and execution needed for success meant that a game that was potentially only minutes from beginning to end would give gamers hours of fun (and frustration).

A sequel has been announced to be published by Curve Digital: 10 Second Ninja X. Releasing this summer, this latest entry in a world without checkpoints will test players' twitch reflexes across 60 levels. Complete them all, and you will unlock all 40 levels from the original game, remastered at 1080p/60fps.

This isn't a mere platformer, though, and perfect reflexes aren't the only tools that you will need for success. Part of the challenge of each level is finding the right approach, the proper path and timing. Without that, all the reflexes in the world won't mean success before the clock strikes nought.

Some key details:
•60 new, tough as nails levels
•Original story
•Explorable hub
•Unlockable hint ghosts through an optional minigame
•All 40 levels from the original 10 Second Ninja included
•Individual level leaderboards
•Marathon mode (each area’s levels back to back, for masochists)
•Secret areas with collectibles
Check out the screens below and watch the video to see the world's fastest ninja in action, if your eyes can keep up.

10 Second Nnja X will slice its way onto Playstation 4 and Vita this summer.

We've got the full list of 10 Second Ninja X trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Joseph C.
Written by Joseph C.
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