Dungeons 2 Announced For PS4

By David Johnston,
Dungeons 2 has been confirmed to make its console debut on PS4 this Spring. Dungeons 2 casts the player as a spirit Dungeon Lord looking to rebuild his empire and claim the overworld; the player must build the dungeon to increase resources and build one's army. The game is a mix between the resource management required beneath the surface and RTS gameplay when battling the heroes on the overworld.

The Playstation 4 version features previously released DLC (Pixieville, Morningwood, A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Clash of Pumpkins) which should add a selection of new opponents, 11 new maps, and an extra 30 hours on top of the main game.

For those of you unsure, Kalypso have released a one-hour gameplay stream to give a taste of the game.

Dungeons 2 launches on PS4 on April 22nd.

We've got the full list of Dungeons 2 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.