Vote To Play Returns

By David Johnston,
Vote To Play begins for March's Playstation Plus games and Action Henk Trophies, Assault Android Cactus Trophies and Broforce Trophies are all fighting for your support.

Each of the developers have released a short video campaigning for your votes in their own unique way, first up is Action Henk a colourful speed-based platformer featuring a selection of toy characters and a 4-player multiplayer mode:

Next up is Assault Android Cactus a twin stick shooter where the player must kill enemies to keep their own power levels up:

Finally we have Broforce a satirical 2D shooter casting the player as one of a selection of 80's and 90's action heroes fighting for freedom:

Voting is open now and votes can be cast using the Playstation Plus tab on the PS4 home screen.
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