Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition Trailer

By Peter Stojanov,
BitComposer Games has now released an Air Conflicts Vietnam Ultimate Edition trailer showcasing the revised and improved port of the 2013 game: Air Conflicts: Vietnam.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition will feature enhanced graphics and sounds, easier controls, improved enemy A.I., as well as bigger maps for the multiplayer aspect. One of the biggest additions to this edition, however, is the never before seen campaign "Lost Letters". Along with the regular campaign, in which you play U.S. Navy pilot, Joe Thompson, an additional story has been added from the other side of the battlefield. In this brand new campaign, players are placed in the cockpit of Vietnamese fighter pilot, Nguyen an Toon, as he fights for his country against invading forces and for what he believes.

BitComposer Games are community-driven and strive to give their audience and players the experience they were craving for in flight simulations. Here's a look at some of the many enhancements and additions they have included for the PlayStation 4 version:

So far, release dates have placed the game for Spring of 2014 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. We will keep you updated on official release dates as they are announced.