Dark Cloud 2 Coming to PS4

By Arnold Delgado,
Since the launch of PS2 emulation on PS4 last month, Sony has stimulated the heart and soul of gamers with the return of some of the most nostalgic and renowned titles of the second generation. With great games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Rogue Galaxy Trophies, along with Sony's driving demand for player feedback on future titles, it's clear that the future of PS2 emulation is only getting better!

With that being said, today is another day to rejoice! Following the latest PlayStation Blogcast reveals, it's been confirmed that Dark Cloud 2, the sequel to the original Dark Cloud Trophies, will be making its way to PS4 next week! Also known as Dark Chronicle in Japan and Europe, Dark Cloud 2 is not directly tied to its predecessor, which is also available on PS4 as one of the first titles launched for PS2 emulation.


Dark Cloud 2 will be coming to PS4 on January 19th!

We've got the full list of Dark Cloud trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Arnold Delgado
Written by Arnold Delgado
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