TT Top Five: Comics That Would Make Good Games

By MunchMagic1986, 2 years ago
If the Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady has taught us anything, it is that comics can make fantastic games. Right now, we are being treated to comic book adaptions in all directions, with countless movies and TV shows in development and on our screens already... but where are the games? Other than Arkham, LEGO, and Spider-Man, all that we have gotten are very mediocre (at best) movie tie-ins, and even Spider-Man has fallen to the tie-ins lately.

Today, we put down our comics and reading glasses to take a look at some of the potential games that could be made. We are leaving out comics that have already had a video game adaption, even if they were movie tie-ins (if we include them, the list would be huge!). This is also why there are very few Marvel Comics here; most of the good picks have made bad games already.


The Question

The Question

Move along, Batman, you ain’t the only master detective around here. Enter Vic Sage, AKA The Question. Vic Sage has a unique mask that protects his identity, a skin-like material called Pseudoderm that makes him appear faceless. Similar to Batman, Vic is a master detective and martial arts expert. How he sees is beyond us, but he actually can see clearly. A pure detective game would see Vic trying to solve a large conspiracy. You see, he doesn’t think that there are several conspiracies out there, but only one huge conspiracy where they are all connected and interwoven.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow


This could potentially place on the top five list, but it is also a team that hasn't technically assembled yet. It is a team-up show that starts on Janury 21st on The CW and is loosely based on an old team called 'Legends'. In the show, heros and villains team up to take down the immortal Vandal Savage, and to do so, they travel to different periods of time with the help of the Time Master Rip Hunter. Not only do the ever-changing time placements, from the old wild west to futuristic cities, sound appealing, the team lineup is quite varied. The Atom, a new take on the character that not only has tech that can shrink him to the size of, you guessed it, an atom, but he now possesses a suit similar to that of Iron Man. Hawkman and Hawkgirl, two ancient Egyptians who are cursed to spend eternity being killed and re-incarnated, take flight with their expansive wingspans and wreak havoc with their hot tempers and equipped with macs made of Nth Metal. Firestorm provides flight, heat blast, and the ability to rearrange objects at an atomic level. White Canary is a former assassin from the League of Assassins, and two Flash villains - Captain Cold and Heatwave - also appear. Various time settings and character abilites make a perfect mix for a great game. Also, it has potential for appearances from The Flash, Green Arrow, Vixen, Jonah Hex, Vibe, Black Canary, and several Earth-2 characters, basically a Justice Society or Justice League of America cameo.


5 - Lobo


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a badass bounty hunter roaring across the galaxy on the most badass bike that there is? The ‘Main Man’ does what he wants, when he wants, and anybody who tries to stop him will get a beating as reward. He is also the favourite DC character of Marvel legend Stan Lee; if that doesn't show how awesome this character is, then nothing will. He also had a video game that was being developed in 1996 for the SNES and SEGA Mega Drive, but it was ultimately cancelled.

4 - The Defenders

The Defenders

A lot of you may have been watching the Netflix shows that currently consist of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, with Luke Cage and Iron Fist on the way and culminating in a team-up show called The Defenders. These four superheroes are very different from one another and would provide unique ways of playing a comic-book game. This goes double for Daredevil, who, as most of you will know, is blind. This would be a bit difficult in making a solo game, but a team-up game could make some use of it. His sections would most likely play as if you were using some kind of thermal vision heat sensors. Jessica would provide a flight and super-strength element to the game while Luke has impenetrable skin. I will admit that I don't really know much about Iron Fist, other than something to do with him punching the heart of a dragon, as everyone has a tendency to do from time-to-time. He is also a great martial arts expert, so you can still whoop bad guys all day long. The timing for this couldn't be better with the shows currently ongoing although it would be preferable not to be a tie-in.

3 - Green Arrow

Green Arrow

This is a no-brainer really. To a lot of people, Green Arrow is just Batman with a bow and a Van Dyke goatee. Having a game with him as the titular character would play a lot like the Arkham games, complete with sidekicks and gadgets/ trick arrows. He even exists in some form in the Arkham games, with his alter ego, Oliver Queen, having his company name in Origins, and you actually enter one of his buildings in Knight. He can team up with one of his sidekicks, Arsenal and Speedy, along with his wife Dinah Laurel Lance, AKA The Black Canary. The only concern would be how a boss fight with The Dark Archer would turn out, just two dudes in hoods firing arrows at each other, could be a little stale, but hitting bad guys with the bow would be fun. With Arrow currently airing on The CW, now is the perfect time for WB to cash in the character and make a game. And it better have boxing glove arrows!

2 - Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

This is one that has been rumoured for a long time. *SPOILERS* At the end of Batman: Arkham Origins, Amanda Waller approaches the cell of Deathstroke and tells him he can work off his sentence by joining a “Task Force” she is putting together. This was a huge tease for a potential game or expansion, to which we have seen nothing. Warner Bros have also been hiring for two major DC games, so this could still happen, especially with the live-action movie arriving in August.

The Suicide Squad, or Task Force X, as it is also known, is a team of super-villains who have been recruited by Amanda “The Wall” Waller, a government agent who is so bad-ass not even Batman messes with her. They are given assignments to work off their sentences that are too dangerous for regular special forces. There is a catch, however; they all have tiny bombs planted in their skulls or spines. If one of them try to escape or abandon the mission -- BOOM! Why should it be a game? Playing as the bad guys could be so much fun, with characters ranging from Harley Quinn and Deadshot, to Killer Croc and Killer Frost, there are so many to choose from. Why not put King Shark in, and then you can eat you enemies!

1- Marvel VS DC

Marvel vs DC

How has this not been made already?? We have had DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom; why has nobody in the games industry decided to make a Marvel vs DC game? (Or Capcom vs Mortal Kombat for that matter). The Marvel vs DC “war” has been raging in forums and comic book stores for years and is showing no sign of giving up (despite the companies being good friends and often sharing creators and having team-up crossovers). Whist the two crossover fighters were enjoyable, well, almost enjoyable, they were both supported by established fighting franchises. Enter Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fully fledged DC fighting game by NetherRealm, that not only showed that a superhero fighting game could work on its own but also proved so popular that the spin-off comic became a huge hit and is now on its fifth (and final) year. So why not let the two publishing titans duke it out and allow us to play out our fantasies of seeing Superman vs The Hulk, Captain America vs Batman, Thanos vs Darkseid (why not use the villains, too?).

Do you agree with out list? What changes would you make, and what comic would you like to see adapted (with love) into a video game?

If you have an idea for a TT Top Five, please send us your suggestions, either through a PM or in the comments below.