World Of Tanks Second Beta Announced

By Dave Mavin,
With the first beta for World of Tanks (PS4) Trophies well and truly over, Wargaming has given PlayStation 4 users another beta weekend to enjoy this fantastic game, alongside a host of Founder's Packs that will be available on the Playstation Store.

These Founder’s Pack bundles will be loaded with Premium vehicles and in-game content including Premium Account time, in-game currency and rare tanks, at a discount. Additionally, the M22 Locust US Light Tank along with a special camouflage honoring the original PlayStation® and the T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank will be gifted to all tankers who log in during the Beta Weekend.
World of Tanks Second Beta 5

World of Tanks Second Beta 6

Along with the beta weekend, we also have some more screenshots from World Of Tanks for you to see!

With no release date yet for World Of Tanks, the beta weekend is confirmed for January 8th until January 10th. World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 is free to all PlayStation accounts and does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online.

We've got the full list of World of Tanks (PS4) trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Dave Mavin
Written by Dave Mavin
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