Community Interview: Killeveloot

By MunchMagic1986,
Welcome back, everyone. wave Before we start with the questions, I want to apologise for this not going out when it was supposed to two weeks ago. This was down to a number of things - it being the holidays, myself being rather ill, and our guest being in hospital (don't worry; he is ok now). A quick look at the biography of our guest, Killeveloot, states this:

Anything else you need to know? Questions will be answered upon request, but most will be heavily redacted.
Well, now that you mention it, there are some things we want to know (that hopefully won't be redacted). smile

Munch: First things first, what is the origin of your PSN id?

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

Killeveloot: Kill - Level - Loot - my three favorite activities.I just thought it was kind of awesome how I could interweave them - Killeveloot.

Munch: Clever! I admit, I always thought it said Kill-Eve-Loot. I thought you had something against Eve and wanted to loot her after the killing! laugh

And what about your Avatar, any meaning behind it?

Killeveloot: Well, avatars to me are like a flavor-of-the-month kind of thing. Until I see one I like more, I'll keep this one.

Munch: When did you start gaming, and what was your first console?

Killeveloot: Around 1979 I would say (spoiler alert, I'm 41). I started in the arcades, at pizza joints, basically wherever I saw an arcade machine. I was mesmerized from a very early age. Then I got a Commadore 64/128 in 1981-ish. As a young kid, I was writing my own programs in BASIC. It was nothing like today; it took about 40 damn pages of code to make a sprite ball bounce around the screen. Soon after, the NES hit, and I begged probably harder than I even had to get one. So, if we're talking straight-up consoles, then it would be the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Munch: Favourite game growing up?

Killeveloot: That would have to be a toss between Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. After playing games of this caliber, nothing else measured up.

Munch: Do any of your family members game, or are you the only one?

Killeveloot: My wife is a casual gamer; she plays games such as Bejeweled, Treasures of Montazuma, Zuma, and Peggle.

Munch: What pays the bills to fund your gaming skills?

Killeveloot: Well, to be totally honest, I will just say this. People who work at pawn shops and trade fairs most of the time have no idea what they have. I do.

Munch: A Master Antiquer?

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

Killeveloot: Not really, this is what I do.

Munch: What is your current family situation? Wife/ Husband, kids, pets, etc?

Killeveloot: Wife, a dog, and three cats.

Munch: Where in the world are you from, and is there anything tourist worthy to see if we were
to visit?

Killeveloot: I am originally from Paducah, Kentucky. I have lived in San Antonio, Texas now for two decades. There's nothing really special in my hometown unless you're into quilts.

Munch: At this time of year, quilts rule all!

Have you done anything in life that is worthy of a trophy?

Killeveloot: Does CPR count?

Munch: That all depends on if it was on a dummy or on a dying person.

Have you ever had a 15 minutes-of-gaming fame moment?

Killeveloot: I won Leap Frog 2016. That was pretty cool.

Munch: And a fantastic accomplishment that was. How much, if any, extra preparation did you put into your Leap Frog campaign? Buy more games, more gaming time, less sleep? A detailed Google Doc?

Killeveloot: At first, I couldn't wait for it to really get rolling. Five trophies a day is kind of boring when you don't want to waste any. And then slowly you start to spend more and more time gaming. At about 25 a day, it really starts to be consuming. I would wake up and basically keep earning trophies until it was done for the day. At day 40, it was starting to really get insane. Most of you would have no problem getting 40 trophies in a day, but try it for two weeks straight. Mega and myself were both exhausted at the end.

Munch: How did your family take to you spending all the extra time on the consoles?

Killeveloot: I spend a lot of time online. I am not only a gamer, but also a podcaster, producer, writer, and a YouTube partner.

Munch: A Podcaster you say? We will need to get you on the TT Podcast at some point then. smile

Were you relieved when you found out MegaPiep was going to call it a day?

Killeveloot: I am not going to lie, yes...of course I was, and most people would have been, too. After that amount of time invested in something, we both wanted to win really badly. And we even became friends through this contest. Neither of us would budge. I personally was shocked a bit when he messaged me, shocked and a bit sad.

Munch: You won Leap Frog with 56 days. How many more days were you prepared to go?

Killeveloot: Well, when you're basically getting the number of trophies required for most platinums per know the end is near. I personally would have stayed in the running as long as I could. But, I don't really know how much longer that would have or even could have been. At the end of the day, your health and family come first. You have to remember that.

Munch: Are you planning on taking part next year?

Killeveloot: That would depend on the prize. I won five years of Pro, so if that is the prize again, I will let someone else ride that train. But, if you spark my interest...I will sharpen my sword. Let's just say you haven't seen the last of me.

Munch: Well, we wish you the best of luck if you go again.

If you could play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Killeveloot: I wouldn't be able to do that. Definition of insanity and what-not.

Munch: So....Far Cry 3 Trophies then? laugh

What upcoming release are you most excited for?

Killeveloot: Probably the Final Fantasy VII Remake even though I know Square-Enix will drop the ball again.

Munch: Is there anything in the gaming world that gets under your skin?

Killeveloot: That's the subject of my ongoing show pretty much. Look up Obvious Stupidity on youtube.

I also hate cheaters with a white hot passion of a thousand suns!

Munch: I don't think you will be alone there.

What is your proudest Platinum trophy/ completion?

Killeveloot: Don't really have one on this account so far, but on my account, I'd say WipEout HD Trophies.

WipEout HDTranscendenceThe Transcendence trophy in WipEout HD worth 2055 pointsEarn all the trophies in the game (excluding additional content trophies).

Munch: Your Knightedrik account has a huge score with almost 1300 games played on it. What made you start a new account?

Killeveloot: Well, to be honest...

a LOT of people still know me as Knightedrik.

I started Killeveloot as a completion-ist profile, until I landed smack in the middle of the Leap Frog event.

Knightedrik has a LOT of people on the old friend list, but most were adds after online matches or trophy groupies.

On Killeveloot, I keep a smaller friend list of people I actually play with or talk to on a daily basis.

Munch: Of all the trophies you've earned, which one makes you proudest? Any trophy grade, so don’t feel limited to a Platinum.

Killeveloot: Same situation as above, Bling Brigade.

WipEout HDHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in WipEout HD worth 75 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

Munch: And have you earned one that isn’t hard at all but was just really fun to obtain?

Killeveloot: Any Telltale game will fit here nicely.

Munch: I think most people on the site have had a lot of fun with at least one of their titles, too.

Have you ever gotten really excited about a game and it failed to meet expectations?

Killeveloot: Every single day.

Munch: If you could become a video game character, who would it be?

Killeveloot: Alucard from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Munch: And who would you choose as your sidekick/ bodyguard?

Killeveloot: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Trophies.

Munch: We have had a large number of game bosses over the years. Which one would you least like to face if you were in a game?

Killeveloot: Sephiroth.

Munch: You certainly don't want to be on the end of that Masamune.

You are given the power to expel one character from gaming history. Who would it be and why?

Killeveloot: Lara Croft. Self-explanatory.

Munch: Is there a certain group of friends you usually play games with or speak to in a party?

Killeveloot: Yeah,,, and Tennek127. S'up, guys.

Munch: Have you ever had any bad experiences with another player online? Call of Duty multiplayer excluded since, well, obvious reasons.

Killeveloot: Most of the time, no. I play games online, but the type of games I play usually do not incur problems. I will say this, play the single player first. If you suck, don't play online.

Munch: Are you a single or multi-player type of person?

Killeveloot: Single player.

Munch: If you could sit down with anyone in the world, past or present, and play a game with him or her, who would it be?

Killeveloot: Wow, IDK. lol.

Munch: If you could reboot/remaster a single franchise/game, what would it be? Why would you do it and how?

Killeveloot: Legacy Of Kain. I feel it would be a great franchise to bring back, and there is more story that could be told.

Munch: I will second that, such a great series!

Pick your game of choice. If you were to make yourself as a character, what would your build be?

Killeveloot: Dark Souls, Knight.

Munch: What, if any, is "The Trophy That Got Away?"

Killeveloot: Yeah, the platinums for MUD, damn servers. I hate you, Gamespy.

MUD - FIM Motocross World ChampionshipOwnedThe Owned trophy in MUD - FIM Motocross World Championship worth 1078 pointsUnlock all Trophies

Munch: What major trophy do you have your eye on, and do you think you'll be able to get it?

Killeveloot: Gonna snag the plat for Need for Speed Trophies soon.

Munch: If you could choose a game to be announced tomorrow, what would it be? If it's an IP new to gaming, who would you want to make it?

Killeveloot: Friday the 13th by Quantic Dream.

Munch: Anything they decide to make already has my money waiting for it.

Do you have any awkward game moments where someone walked in on a scene completely out of context?

Killeveloot: Every sex scene in Mass Effect 2 Trophies.

Munch: Which consoles do you currently own?

Killeveloot: PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and all the old systems.

Munch: Out of all of them, which is your all-time favourite?

Killeveloot: PlayStation 1.

Munch: Tell us about your gaming set-up.


Sharp 60"
Samsung 40"
2 PlayStation 3s
2 PlayStation 4s
3 PS Vitas
1 Xbox 360
and about 3,000 games.

Munch: What feature do you use the most on the site?

Killeveloot: Looking up trophy lists, chatting with friends.

Munch: How did you come across the site?

Killeveloot: Aexuz, a friend of mine, told me about it.

Munch: Is there anything you would change on the site if given the opportunity?

Killeveloot: Nope, I love this site.

Munch: TT started quite far into the Playstation Trophy life cycle. What made you choose TT over the other sites?

Killeveloot: The people.

Munch: Do you have any friends on the site that you have continued to speak to on consoles or perhaps outside of gaming?

Killeveloot: Yeah, check my friend list.


Favourite PS game?

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Favourite Non-PS game?

Torchlight 1 and 2

Least favourite game?

Anything with Lara Croft in the title.

Favourite Game Developer?


Least Favourite?


Favourite Game Weapon?


Favourite Game Soundtrack?

Road Rash (PS1)

Favourite Character?

Ezio from Assassin's Creed.

Least Favourite?

Lara Croft.

Favourite Game World?

Full Kiss Skyrim Trophies

Favourite Game Ending?

All dead. Mass Effect 2 Trophies. Priceless.

Least Favourite?

The ending of Full Kiss Skyrim Trophies.

If you could make one TV or film maker into a game dev super star, who would it be?

Wes Craven (RIP).

What is the cheesiest game you've ever played?

Roundabout Trophies.

What is your "guilty pleasure" game?



Munch: Is there anything about you that you would like the community to know that you haven’t mentioned already?

Killeveloot: Sure, I am the kind of guy who helps everyone because I like to see others succeed. Invite me if you want. Also, be sure to swing by the Youtube channel; that would help an incredible amount.

Munch: Do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?

Killeveloot: Thx to Rich Stone for making all this possible and to Munch for being so patient while I have been in the hospital. I'm sure you were supposed to be reading this earlier.

Munch: That is quite all right, so long as you are ok now; that is the main thing. Besides, I was hit by the (man)flu pretty badly over the holidays, so it would have been delayed either way.

And so we come to the end of another Community Interview. A huge thanks to Killeveloot for giving up some of his time to sit and speak with us. Hopefully, you enjoyed the read, and if you have any feedback you would like to share for changes or support, please do. We will see you again in two weeks time when Brandon takes over the hot seat and grills our next candidate.

If you would like to be considered for a Community Interview or would like to nominate another gamer on this site to be featured, please send a PM to munchmagic1986. Thanks!
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