TowerFall Ascension Dated for the Vita

By Cindy Minguez,
Matt Thorsen of indie Developer Matt Makes Games has announced on a recent PlayStation blog that TowerFall Ascension and its expansion Dark Hold will both be coming to the Vita (and PlayStation TV) in time for Christmas! The ports will release as Cross-Buys, so if you have the PS4 version, you can play on the Vita for free. If you don't own the title, the original game is $14.99 while the "Dark Hold" DLC is $9.99. A patch is also expected shortly that will make the games Cross-Save, as well.

Thorsen gives his impression of the new port:

PS Vita has undoubtedly become my favorite way to play TowerFall single player. But TowerFall is a local multiplayer game at its heart — designed for you to squeeze onto a couch with your friends to compete on the same screen. On PS Vita, you’ll use ad hoc wireless to fight your friends on other PS Vita systems in the same room. Playing on a handheld feels like a fresh experience, but the familiar joy of local multiplayer remains the same.
TowerFall Ascension and its DLC "Dark Hold" will both be hitting the Vita this Tuesday, December 15th.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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