Fat Princess Adventures Launch Trailer

By Alex Frost,
Fat Princess Adventures returns to our screens with a new adventure exclusive to the PlayStation 4 system. Announced at PlayStation Experience over the weekend, a new launch trailer comes with the announcement, showcasing the art, humour, and, above all, the enjoyable gameplay so many have come to love.

Not necessarily highlighted in the trailer above, there are new features coming to this Adventure, including co-op "madness" and collectibles and customization. I'm sure that there will be no feathers (or flags) to grab in this game, but as an added benefit to a character customization system that rewards exploration, Fat Princess Adventures can only succeed here.

As for co-op, you get both offline and online co-op, so grab a buddy (or four) and take on the classic classes of RPGs: warrior, mage, archer, and engineer. Wait, engineer? Never mind the classic part.

All of this comes packaged with a new PS4 look with all of the amazing features you get from the console.

Need more footage? Livecast coverage from PSX is also available and can be viewed right here. It's a bit longer than a trailer, but, as a recommendation, I'd watch just a few minutes of it to see the awesome hats the two hosts have even if you don't care about all of the added explanation of customization and gameplay.

Expect to see Fat Princess Adventures via a digital download today on your PlayStation 4 system.

We've got the full list of Fat Princess Adventures trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Alex Frost
Written by Alex Frost
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