Bound Announced For Playstation 4

By MunchMagic1986,
Plastic, the studio behind the PS3 games Linger in Shadows and Datura, has announced their PS4 debut with Bound. If you have played any of their previous work, you will know that they make games that are quite unique. With Bound, they are aiming to deliver another experimental title mixed in with a beautiful art style, narrative storytelling and unique game mechanics.

There will be two sides to this game. The first will be the core aspects of the game, a 3D platformer with a mature story, whilst the second side will turn the game into one giant puzzle that can only be solved by the game's community working together. They also described this as "a 'notgame,' which is also a game." As far as the game's story and main character go, all we know is that ballet is involved. Using the talents of dancer Maria Udod and her choreographer Michal Adam Góral, they were able to capture the emotional side of dance and put it in the game.

Looking at the art side, we were searching for a style that is not deeply explored in video games, but still has a major influence on how our world looks today. We have concentrated on Modern Art in full flavor. If you are interested in art movements such as Suprematism, Concretism, Neoplasticism, or what Bauhaus has delivered, then you are going to love the world that we have created.

Bound does not yet have a release date but will release for Playstation 4.

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