Mighty No 9 Details, Screens and Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
Keiji Inafune, Creator of Mega Man, has released new details, a set of screens and a new video for the upcoming Comcept developed Mighty No. 9 Trophies. The new gameplay trailer showcases new features and game modes that are included in the game. Boss Rush mode will put your boss-fighting skills to the test as you square off against the level bosses back-to-back. Challenge mode will see players taking on unique challenge levels to test just how good you are with 2D side-scrolling. Maniac mode sounds like one for the die-hard fans as one hit will mean instant death!

The video will also take a look at the Co-op challenge mode and Online Race Battle mode, both featured in the two-player online part of the game. Co-op specific challenge levels will be ready for co-op teams to take on as Beck and Call use their unique abilities to take out enemies and complete the levels. Or, players can battle each other in a race through the levels for the quickest finish and highest score.

Take a look at the details in video form as we get to see multiplayer action, bosses, the man himself, and plenty more:

The screens continue to showcase the colourful and challenging platforming to come:

Mighty No. 9 will be released physically and digitally on Playstation 4 and digitally only on Playstation 3 on February 9th in America and February 12th in the rest of the world. A Vita release date is yet to be confirmed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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