God Wars: Beyond Time Announced

By Cindy Minguez,
Kadokawa Games has announced a new tactical RPG for PlayStation: God Wars: Beyond Time Trophies. Originally announced last year as Project Code: Tsukiyomi, the re-named title is set in ancient Japan and follows the young rulers of the three nations: the Forest Nation of Fuji, the Iron Nation of Izumo, and the Sea Nation of Hyuuga. Drawn from folklore and fairy tales of Japan, the game is styled like an anime as it follows the trials and tribulations of our young protagonists as they must fight to escape their parents' shadows and grow into true leaders.


Kadokawa's official English description of the game says:

A history of Gods that no one knows.

A tactical RPG that depicts the conflict and surge of young heroes in ancient Japan.

An adventure that merges the world of Kojiki, Japan’s oldest history book, and the fairy-tales of Japanese folklore.

The amazing saga of mighty heroes who fought bravely against their fate and the wrath of the Gods, has now been revealed.
The story goes like this:

Long ago, there were three beautiful countries known as Fuji, Izumi, and Hyuuga. These were known as the Mizuho countries. People of the Mizuho countries were gentle and disliked fighting, and lived in peace and harmony with nature while honoring the ancestral spirits.

However, rice cultivation technology is born in the Mizuho countries, and when civilization begins using iron, people start to fight, nature begins getting destroyed, and the ancestral spirits start to be ignored.

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and eruptions begin to occur all over the Mizuho countries. In order to prevent these disasters from destroying the world, Fuji queen Tsukuyomi offers her daughter Sakuya as a sacrifice to the crater. To further prepare for a new crisis, Sakuya’s younger sister Kaguya is imprisoned in a magical barrier. And Tsukuyomi disappeared somewhere.

After that, it was the 12th year. Kaguya’s childhood friend Kintaro takes advantage of the peasant uprising to rescue her from her prison. Going against the “Law of Sacrifice,” and in order to cut through fate with their own hands, the two escape Fuji. In order to understand the true intentions of Tsukuyomi, the two must go on a journey around the Mizuho countries.
Some of the Characters

Sakuya is the tragic figure at the beginning of the story; she was sacrificed to the Gods thirteen years before Kaguya's journey begins.

The third daughter of Fuji's Queen Tsukuyomi, Kaguya was imprisoned upon her sister's death, held in waiting for the next time the volcano threatened to erupt and another sacrifice needed. With the help of her childhood friend Kintaro, she escapes to go on a journey in search of her family's secrets.

The handsome eldest son of Izumo's King Susanoo, Ohkuninushi is followed everywhere by rumors of his romantic escapades. Upon meeting Kaguya, he finds her charming and joins her on her journey.

A son of the third kingdom, Momotaro is the eldest child of Hyuuga's King Amaterasu. Renowned for both his military and literary prowess, Momotaro is the hero of his generation. Highly ambitious and self-exacting, he dreamed of a united central kingdom under authoritarian rule.

God of Mt. Aso, the Phoenix has been angered by the the rulers Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, and Amaterasu; it's fury takes aim at Kaguya when it appears before her amid the rumblings of Mt. Aso.

A god of mountains, Okami loses its mind when the forests are destroyed and the mountains disturbed. It has become a cursed god.

The Three Countries and Their Rulers

The oldest kingdom, located in the center of Mt. Fuji. It exists to symbolize the motherhood of the Mizuho countries. The people here worship nature and ancestors as Gods. Above all, they show the most respect for Izanagi and Izanami as the Gods who created the Mizuho countries. Its ruler, Tuskuyomi, is a priestess with the ability to interact with the Gods of nature and Gods of the underworld.

The huge allied nation, located in the center of the Mizuho countries. Without foreign rule by force and the establishment of national unification, Izumo spreads its civil engineering and medical technology through trade. Its ruler, Susanoo, is a hero that once destroyed the eight-headed serpent, but is now working hard to rule as a good king entrusted with the political affairs of the country.

The most emerging of the three countries, located in the southern part of central Kyushu. While facing the ordeal of the Great Eruption of Kikai, its ruler Amaterasu has made the firm decision to expand to other countries in order to protect the people of Hyuuga.



Turn-based gameplay unfolds on a garden-enclosed board and will feature "30 jobs, 200 weapons, and 600 skills." The developers have ensured that gamers have any number of different strategies at their disposal.

Lastly, we have a few more screens and the game's debut video to whet fans' appetites.




God Wars: Beyond Time will be coming to PS4 and Vita sometime next year.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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