Spartacus Legends' Server Closure

By Cindy Minguez, 4 years ago
Ubisoft has announced that it will be closing the servers for Spartacus Legends on December 22nd. In a brief statement, they thank the fans for their support.

To our Dedicated Fans,

As we prepare for the finale of Spartacus Legends on December 22 2015, we would like to thank you for your passion and dedication. We are indebted to you our Spartacus Legends community with gratitude for your honor, participation and commitment over the last few years.

Once maintenance is complete [for this conclusion], you will no longer be able to purchase gold or silver from the Bank and all previous gold only items for purchase will include a silver price as well. Until the finale, you will continue to be able to earn and use gold and silver to purchase items for your ludus.
If you're still working on some of the trophies, Triple Fame is available for all of November, a final gift before the servers breathe their last.

We've got the full list of Spartacus Legends trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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