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By Brandon Fusco,
Sony skipped Gamescom earlier this year in Cologne while promising a similar showing at the smaller Paris Games Week this month. With the event kicking off today with the Sony Press Conference at 9am Pacific on October 27th, we thought it'd be a good idea to make some predictions as to what we can expect from the show.

PlayStation VR

Getting the elephant out of the way now, the question isn't whether PlayStation VR is at the show but whether we get any new details. Since Sony is focusing on Paris Games Week as the replacement for Gamescom, and that they tend not to announce new hardware details there, it's unlikely.

Before announcing an official price point or release window, it seems more prudent to let players get their hands on the device and share their experiences at PSX. They will want to leverage as many public events such as PAX and Comic Con to get these devices into people's hands to generate good press before they announce pricing. This will give them the opportunity to solve the hands-on marketing problem while simultaneously generating buzz before they announce the pricing, probably nearer to the middle of next year.

With that said, it's quite possible that VR is coming sooner than we think since an already released game, Volume Trophies, is already working on VR Support, and it would be quite strange for the DLC to release more than a year after the core game.

Guerilla Games

Best known as the Killzone people, Guerilla Games most recently showed off their upcoming third person action game known as Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 this year. While it's possibly too early to show a new section of the game, the game will likely be at the show in some capacity since Guerilla has studios in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Cambridge, UK. With the rumors that the particular scenario shown at E3 was shown again in a different way behind closed doors, we can only hope that this alternative demo will be on display at the show.

With as many as 270 employees, it's possible that they could have started another project as well, but don't expect to see anything official about it until E3 of next year when Zero Dawn is much closer to release.

Evolution Studios

At first, things were looking bleak with the near disastrous launch of DRIVECLUB Trophies by Evolution Studios last year. Now that it has managed to pull that game out of the fire and into some stability, it's possible that they are working on something else. This is a slim chance, however, since they've only just recently managed to stabilize DRIVECLUB enough this summer to release the promised PS+ Edition. This game was always designed to be a platform for a social gaming community, and they are still releasing DLC at a steady pace, so it makes more sense that we'll hear about how much the game has improved since launch. After that, expect the reveal of a new set of DLC.

Media Molecule

Already underway at Media Molecule is a rather mysterious project called Dreams. The minds behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway have apparently been working on it since they showed their puppeteer demo at the PS4 reveal in 2013, although certainly with some refinements. Explaining at E3 this year that it "takes time to sink in", we were given a demo and promised much more at Paris Games Week. Considering how open ended their games tend to be, and how much more ambitious this one seems, it's hard to know what to expect. Here's to hoping that there are more adorable bears.

London Studio

London Studio is leading the charge for Sony's PlayStation VR with a lot of buzz for The Deep and London Heist VR demos. It wouldn't be all that surprising to hear that they'be been working on a full VR game, and such a game would more than likely make an appearance since PlayStation VR is less than a year away.

Polyphony Digital

It's unlikely that we'll see much out of Japan Studio, but there is a possibility of seeing something from Polyphony, the developer of the Gran Turismo series. While the United States loves its NASCAR just fine, the sim racing genre has been much more successful in Europe in recent years. Furthermore, with PlayStation VR aiming for a release next year and how much of an apparent no brainer it is to pair racing with VR*, it would make sense to at least show off a sizzle reel of the game this year.

With that said, Gran Turismo is one of Sony's most successful franchises, and is certainly an E3 mainstay. It's quite possible that Sony will hold it back until then, but this would heavily suggest that the game won't be ready until 2017, a possibility that the studio has already suggested.

*VR has always contended with limiting motion sickness, and considering that cars are one of the major motion sickness groups, perhaps it's only a no-brainer on paper.

Japan Studio

Japan Studio is one of Sony's oldest and most prolific studios, housing some of the biggest names that the company has. With that said, Tokyo Game Show just passed, and Sony was there. While it was a relatively low key event compared to some other shows, any big Japan Studio announcements likely would have happened there, especially regarding Team Ico and The Last Guardian. Expect to see their name plastered on a few items, especially anything to do with Bloodborne, but largely in a collaborative manner.

North American Studios

There are quite a few North American studios but many of them have been silent. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Trophies will almost certainly make an appearance in some capacity since there are few shows left before the game releases early next year. The rest of the developers will likely only appear briefly with teasers, if at all.
- Naughty Dog: The most notable of them, and certainly the exception, Naughty Dog is slaving away on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which was originally slated for this holiday season. There are few shows left between now and release, so it wouldn't be surprising to see this flagship game make an appearance of some kind.

- Santa Monica: Most known for the God of War franchise, they also collaborate a lot. They might appear attached to What Remains of Edith Finch and Wattam. There is also a slim chance that the rumored sequel/successor to God of War game may make a very brief appearance, but don't expect much more than a teaser.

- Sucker Punch: The studio famed for their inFAMOUS franchise has been quiet since the release of the standalone expansion Category I Shisenjou no Survivornfamous First Light Trophies. Though generally critically successful, the franchise has always struggled to find a foothold in the wider audience. For this reason, their next game is likely a new IP.

- Sony Bend: The studio has been working on an unannounced project, but the only thing in their portfolio that would make sense is Syphon Filter, a franchise that was beloved by some but never really found big success. Although they may be pulling on that pedigree for their new game, it being called Syphon Filter is unlikely.

- Sony San Diego: Most known for MLB The Show franchise, don't expect an in-house game from them. It's far too early for them to announce next year's sports game, especially in Paris, but don't be surprised to see them help out on some smaller games.

- PixelOpus: This is a relatively new studio, having only released Entwined Trophies. They are a wildcard, as there isn't a whole lot of information to draw on. That said, being a relative unknown, it wouldn't be surprising if their next project was also somewhat small in scale.

- Insomniac Games: Though no longer strictly in the Sony camp with the release of Sunset Overdrive, this studio did create both the Ratchet and Clank series as well as the Resistence series. With Ratchet & Clank Trophies due next year, they're likely to be at Paris Games Week. However, it would be nice to see another quality franchise from them.

What does it all mean?

Just about anything is possible. This is a post PS4 announcement Sony. Every time that they've walked onto a major stage since then, they've walked out like rock stars. Sony knew that this year's Holiday season was going to be paltry when they skipped Gamescom for Paris Games Week, so it's very likely that this is their staging ground for 2016 and early 2017. With the huge number of first and second party studios that have been silent for years, ever since the PS4 came out, be ready for more surprises than sure things.

Be sure to keep it here for all the latest from Paris Games Week and make sure that you sound off with your predictions in the comments below!
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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