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By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
Players outside of North America are unlikely to have heard about DJ MAX Fever. The PSP title combined DJMax Portable and DJMax Portable 2, which were only released in Korea (and Japan in the case of the former), and featured gameplay where players would have to press buttons in time to corresponding falling music notes. Later this year, the game's spiritual successor SUPERBEAT: XONiC will be released on the Vita.

While the game's premise is similar, the gameplay has been altered to account for the Vita's different features and is reminiscent of the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy titles on the 3DS. As notes appear from the centre of the screen, players must tap the correct corner of the screen for short notes, hold their fingers on the screen for long notes, swipe in the direction of the arrow for yellow circlular notes, or even move their fingers across the screen while following the wavy notes. While this initially sounds quite simple, players can face two notes on the screen at once, and songs with a quick beat will see players frantically trying to tap their screens to maintain their combo.

With aching fingers and thumbs, we decided to give them a rest and have a chat with PM Studios' CEO Michael Yum about the upcoming title.


What similarities are there between SUPERBEAT: XONiC and DJ MAX Fever?

I would have to say the biggest similarity and draw for SUPERBEAT: XONiC is the musicians. We used the same talented artists that worked on DJMAX to create similar beats and song selections as the past DJMAX games. Then the game itself is also very similar to DJMAX in that you time the notes with precision with the buttons. Of course, the game isn’t 100% the same because the interface has been completely changed, but it should come naturally to those who have played our games in the past.

Is there a campaign mode in the game?

There is something similar to the previous campaign modes called World Tour.

We haven't really heard much about the game's upcoming World Tour mode, but this sees players touring the world and taking on sets at various clubs. The set contains one to five songs and has conditions that must be cleared to pass the set. There will be rewards for completing these sets.

Screenshot 1

How much difference is there between the difficulty modes?

In the previous DJMAX game's I would have to say the difficulty ran on a scale of 5 and went all the way up to 10. In SUPERBEAT: XONiC, I believe that the game's difficulty starts at a level 3 and goes up to 10. There are three modes, all with different song difficulties.

How does the levelling up system work? What rewards does it offer?

The levelling system is very similar to past DJMAX games. Just keep playing and mastering songs to level up and unlock more stuff. You can unlock bonuses like avatars, songs, power-ups and other hidden secrets.

What advantages / disadvantages are given by changing the speed of the song?

The speed of the song has traditionally been a feature for hardcore players, and we kept it that way.

Screenshot 2

How do the key sounds change the gameplay?

This is one big change from our previous titles. It helps players personalize their songs and have more fun with the beats. Instead of hearing the same version of the song, now you can kind of have fun with the music you're listening to.

What sort of music will be included?

The usual Electronic, Rock, Techno, K-pop, and maybe some other secrets…

Is there anything that has changed since the start of development, such as ideas that had to be scrapped or new amazing ideas that just had to be added in?

To be honest, no. We actually delayed the game to make sure we put in as much as we could. Like our old games, we wanted to cram in as much as we could into the final ROM with content.

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What sort of things can we expect from the trophy list?

I am actually a trophy person myself. I have over 180 Platinum Trophies and over 10,000 total, so I am really happy to finally be a part of a game that offers PlayStation Trophies. I would have to say that the difficulty to get the Platinum is a 7.5-8 range and will take a pretty long time - 50+ Hours at least. There’s a good mix of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and I personally won't be able to get it myself. lol.

Look out for SUPERBEAT: XONiC when it is released sometime this fall.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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