Song of Horror And Zenith Announced For PS4

By MunchMagic1986,
BadLand Indie has announced two new titles coming to Playstation 4 - Song of Horror and Zenith Trophies.

Song of Horror is an old school, survival horror title developed by Protocol games. Delve into the fear of the unknown as you take control of 16 characters from different periods of time. Below is a list of key features of the game:

• A Thrilling Storyline
Join Daniel in a spine-chilling tale of horrors. Unravel a dreadful mystery of deep, unknown roots, a mystery threatening to destroy him.

• Cinematic Cameras, Unsettling Music:
The use of automated mobile cameras along with a collection of unsettling music themes ensure that the tension remains constant and relentless.

• 16 Playable Characters:
Control Daniel as well as several other men and women, both acquaintances and strangers. They will explore an array of locations, designed by actual architects, solving riddles while avoiding an untimely end. Who will continue his/her story alongside Daniel is up to you.

Daniel Noyer is the protagonist and the plot revolves around him. However, we will watch his story unfold mostly through the eyes of several other characters.

• Normal, Everyday People:
No heroes, no supermen, no superwomen. Real-life, ordinary folks. From the advertiser to the sales director, from the alarms technician to the doctor and the shop clerk. None of them can make it on their own.

• Careful Exploration:
The devil’s in the details, or so they say. Each clue might have a meaning; every observation can be crucial. There is no prize for first arrival at the end line: the prize is to arrive at all.

• Life Is Fleeting:
There is no health nor sanity bar. The only thing that matters is: can you continue? If you crumble midway, will the next character make it?

• Death Has Many Doors:
There are no combats, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight. There are no enemies, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t being hunted. There are no defenses, and yes, that does mean you must run, hide, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Zenith is a humour-filled action RPG from Infinigon. You play as Argus, a seasoned adventurer who has seen and done just about everything. Now in his 30's, he just wants what we all want at that age, to just take it easy and relax; cue meddling heroes, bad guys with big swords and dangerous artifacts.


Both titles will be arriving on Playstation 4 at an unknown date.
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