PS Vita Fireman Sim Flame Over Coming To PS4

By David Johnston,
Firefighter rogue-like Flame Over Trophies has been confirmed for a Playstation 4 release next week. The title will be an enhanced version of the PS Vita release that launched to positive reviews earlier this year. Flame Over casts you in the role of a firefighter who must proceed through 16 randomized levels, rescuing people and animals while stalling and extinguishing flames.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Developer Laughing Jackal has confirmed that, in addition to the content of the PS Vita version, the Playstation 4 release will feature enhanced graphics with the game running at 1080p, a two level tutorial and even more rooms and secrets. A short trailer is available to get you fired up for next week's release:

Flame Over launches September 15th in North America and September 16th in Europe at a cost of $11.99/£8.99/€11.99.