Full Mojo Rampage Announcement Teaser

By Peter Stojanov,
Nicalis Inc., the developer behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, has announced at PAX Prime 2015 that they will be coming out with a voodoo-inspired, roguelike title called Full Mojo Rampage. In this multiplayer game, up to four players/friends will be able to go online to either cooperate or sabotage one another in versus modes, which include Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or King of Mojo. Eight players can play online against one another. Playthroughs will be randomly generated each time along with the opportunity to level up your character with voodoo pins and receive special bonuses. The class system in the game will also have you wondering which Loa (a god) to choose that best suits your play style. The in-game music is composed by Alistar Lindsay, who is responsible for Prison Architect's score.

Fight your way through the world to collect mojos and find the shrines of the Loa, all-powerful gods, known as much for their vices as for their strength. Each of the gods can grant you great power, though it won't come free. The Loa like to have a little fun with power-hungry adventurers, but their idea of fun might not always match up with yours.

Full Mojo Rampage will be released for the Playstation 4 sometime in late 2015.

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