Knock Knock Announced For Playstation 4

By MunchMagic1986,
Ice-Pick Lodge has announced that their upcoming horror game Knock Knock will be arriving on Playstation 4 next month. The idea behind the game is based on one of humanity's greatest fears, the fear of the unknown. You play as a character known as 'the Lodger,' and the game takes place in his cabin in the woods. Unknown beings called 'Guests' manifest from the Lodger's own fears to play a sick game of hide and seek with him. The Lodger only has one goal, to try and survive the night, since, as we all know, there are no monsters at night time. The studio is trying to avoid all the usual horror cliches like gore, jump scares, and asylums, instead choosing to really go all out with the fear option. During the night, your mind has a tendency to play tricks on you, make you believe that there is something outside the window or down the hallway until your heart starts pounding and terror takes over your entire body. That is what this game is trying to achieve, all while in an isolated cabin in the woods, which is usually a terrifying place at night time as it is.

Most human fears boil down to the fact that we reject the alien and the unknown. We fear the dark because something may be there; we indulge in various types of xenophobia because there are a lot of things in this world that simply do not make sense to us.

A cleaver-wielding zombie may be frightening as hell, especially if you’re fragile and lack the means to defend yourself, but we honestly believe that an inexplicable creature set about its own business is even more so. It may not even necessarily present a threat, but by God how does its shape even hold together?! That is not how bodies work at all!
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Knock Knock will be available for Playstation 4 on September 10th, 2015.

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