Thief Town Announced For PS4

By MunchMagic1986,
Glass Knuckles games are delighted to announce that they are bringing their multiplayer stealth action party game Thief Town to Playstation 4. The first thing you will notice is the incredibly overly realistic graphics; well, you see, there is a reason for this. Thief Town is a stealth party game for two to four players in which you and your friends play as thieves and must stab one another. The catch, however, is that you and the AI are identical to each other, so you won't know who is who. Having everyone look identical is much easier to pull off with 80's graphics. Stab your friend, you get points; stab a poor innocent NPC and you don't. In fact, doing so will only reveal you to your friends, so you must stab carefully. This is the main game mode, which is cleverly titled "Thief Town," but there are also two other modes.

Thief Town 3

Thief Town 2

Spy Town gives players items with which to trick and trap enemy Thieves before going in for the kill. Use smoke bombs, motion detectors, and teleportation devices to gain an advantage… but be careful; they’re one-use only! Drunk Town is a 1v3 round where one player becomes “The Sheriff,” whose job is to sniff out and shoot those pesky Thieves with his pistol. Too bad the Thieves don’t have their knives this time — they’ll just have to behave until time or the Sheriff’s bullets run out!

We’ve also included a number of awesome PS4-exclusive features. Stab your touchpad with your finger to stab your friend in the game! Customise your Thief with 256 potential names, like “Cross-Circle-Square-Square”, or “Triangle-Triangle-Cross-Triangle”! We’ve also hidden some secret screen filters in “The Saloon,” our game’s interactive menu…

Thief Town will release on Playstation 4; however, no release date has been announced.

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