Siegecraft Commander Announced For PS4

By David Johnston,
Blowfish Studios has announced that their new strategy title will be released on Playstation 4. Siegecraft Commander is a strategy title that crosses both turn-based and real time strategy as players take on both online combat and a turn-based campaign.

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Players must create various towers across the map to close in on the enemy keep and control the map. The towers can add buffs to the rest of the player's structures or allow you to spawn special units. A lot of the strategy will be determined by which of the games factions you choose; playing as the Knights will lead to more defensive tactics, whereas the Lizardmen will encourage the player to attack.


Blowfish Studios has released a short trailer showing some of the game in action:

Siegecraft Commander is the home console debut of the Siegecraft series and is expected to release on Playstation 4 next spring.

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