Special Edition Darth Vader PS4 Incoming

By MunchMagic1986,
As we all know, the Siths are much cooler than the Jedi. There's no point in denying it because it is the truth. With all of the upcoming Star Wars stuff coming up between games, comics and movies, it is the perfect time for Sony to launch a Darth Vader inspired Playstation 4 and Dualshock 4. Each console will pack the default 500GB hard drive and feature a cool Star Wars text covering the PS4 and the Dualshock 4 touch pad; and a giant picture of Lord Vader on the PS4 of course. The Dualshock 4 also has a red cn_L1 and a blue cn_R1 that represents the two opposing sides - the good guys and the Jedi, along with a red D-Pad and cn_O. The analogue sticks and the remaining face buttons have been given a nice white finish.

Darth Vader PS4 7

Darth Vader PS4 3

Darth Vader PS4 2

Darth Vader PS4 1

Darth Vader PS4 8

Darth Vader PS4 5

It will be available in two different bundles. The first of these will contain Star Wars Battlefront Trophies Deluxe Edition, along with a download voucher for Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. These titles will be the first time that they have been playable on Playstation 4. Now if that doesn't make you jump up and want to buy it right this second, each of those games will have updated graphics and.....wait for it......Trophy Support! Here is hoping that those games will also be sold separately too.

Darth Vader PS4 4

The second bundle contains the download code mentioned above, but swaps out Battlefront for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Trophies Star Wars Edition PlayStation Exclusive Hardware Bundle Kit. This includes a boxed edition of the game and a Star Wars starter pack featuring Luke, Leia, the Playstation exclusive Boba Fett and the Rise Against the Empire Play Set piece. Unfortunately this edition will be available exclusively at Wal-mart.

Darth Vader PS4 6

In addition there will also be a regular bundle featuring the old 500gb Black Playstation 4 and Dualshock 4 with Star Wars: Battlefront and the four game download code included.

These special edition consoles will be available from November 17th, 2015, the same day as Star Wars: Battlefront, with pre-orders starting soon.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition will be available later this month from August 28th, with North America having to wait until August 30th.