Trans-Galactic Tournament Beta Available Now

By MunchMagic1986,
If there is one thing that is truly obvious about TransGalactic Tournament, it is that it is very strange, but my oh my does it embrace it. To coincide with the launch of the open beta, developer Kiz Studios has taken the time to tell us about seven weird things about the game; including a word from their sponsors Badger Sauce. But before all that, here is a trailer for the open beta:

1. Yeah, League’s Cool, but it Needs More Deathmatch

So you’ve just bought TGT for no money (Because it’s free!), and you jump right into a match. Now you’re in some place called Globaber Factory, everybody’s running on these robot-making platforms, and there’s angry gumdrops in the background and nothing makes sense ever.
Welcome to Trans-Galactic Tournament!

Once your brain adjusts to the madness, you’ll notice how fast the combat really is. That’s because our game modes are way more FPS than MOBA. Plunderball is Capture the Flag, Conquest is like King of the Hill but everywhere, and Annihilation is straight up Deathmatch. Look, you can take the developer out of the 90’s LAN Party, but you can’t take the 90’s LAN Party out of the developer.

2. Why Not Push Dudes Off Cliffs?

Lots of games focus on “last hits,” but we think a good first hit should be rewarded too. That’s why our maps have full-on instant death pits and champs that are tailor-made to push unsuspecting dupes to their doom. Be the Scar of the arena — push somebody off a cliff today!

3. At Least One Character Should Look Like George Washington

If you can cross the Delaware and the line of good taste in one character design, you should always go for it.

4. Need a Ladder? Jump On Your Friends and Enemies!

Early in the game, you’re probably thinking, So when I hit the X button, I jump? Why can I jump? Because jumping is awesome! In TGT, you can reach high ledges and shortcuts with well-placed jumps off the heads of your friends and enemies. This is the most important game design achievement of 2015.

5. That One Level With the Pirate Ships

We thought it’d be a real lark if there was a level where you’re under a constant barrage of cannon fire during a pirate raid on an island military fort. Guess what — it is! And yes, they do have pirate ships in space.


6. Oozello, Meet Jake, Our Lead Programmer

Team: Hey, Jake. What if one of the champions was a short-order cook?
Jake: Sure.
Team: And he throws sandwiches on the ground.
Jake: Got it.
Team: Then he eats the sandwiches off the ground and it heals him.
Jake: Ok.
Team: And he’s made of snot.
Jake: Please stop.

7. Badger Sauce! Badger Sauce! Badger Sauce!

TGT has a lot of intergalactic sponsors, but none contain more processed badgers than Badger Sauce. One day we found this video on our development server. We don’t know where it came from, and we’re a little scared.

Yes, you really did just watch what you think you watched. I won't judge you if you want to go watch it again, I know I did several times.

The open beta for Trans-Galactic is available to download now for free on Playstation 4 in the Playstation Store.

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