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By Ashley Woodcock,
If you're a fan of the Madden franchise from EA and happen to love drawing and designing, then this newly announced competition is likely going to be of interest to you. Madden fans have an amazing opportunity to see their very own designs featured in the next Madden game. Thanks to Madden NFL 25's Connected Franchise mode, players can relocate one of the 32 NFL teams to a different city "with three options for team logos & uniforms". With this contest, any of the teams logos & uniforms can be redesigned with your custom touch.

Design Contest Header

Only the best designs will make it into the next game. Sharpen those pencils, go and find your crayons and lets get down to some logo and uniform designing!

Check out the official rules of the competition first before diving into step one:

Design Contest Step 1

We encourage you to design the following:

• Primary Team Logo
• Secondary Team Logo
• Home Uniforms
• Away Uniform
Madden Uniform 3

There are 17 relocation cities which are in need of new designs. While we will accept and review designs from cities that are not on the below list, we encourage you to pick from the following list of locations.

• San Antonio
• London
• Los Angeles
• Mexico City
• Toronto
• Orlando
• Salt Lake City
• Brooklyn
• Memphis
• Chicago
• Sacramento
• Columbus
• Portland
• Austin
• Dublin
• Houston
• Oklahoma City
Madden Uniform 1

While we will accept and review designs for teams that are not on the below list, we encourage designers to choose from the list below.

• Dreadnoughts
• Marshalls
• Express
• Bulldogs
• Black Knights
• Monarchs
• Dreams
• All Stars
• Aftershocks
• Diablos
• Golden Eagles
• Conquistadors
• Huskies
• Mounties
• Thunderbirds
• Orbits
• Wizards
• Sentinels
• Elks
• Pioneers
• Flyers
• Dodgers
• Beats
• Yanks
• Hounds
• Egyptians
• Steamers
• Cougars
• Blues
• Tigers
• Miners
• Condors
• Redwoods
• Aviators
• Panhandles
• Caps
• Snowhawks
• Lumberjacks
• River Hogs
• Bats
• Armadillos
• Desperados
• Derbys
• Shamrocks
• Celtic Tigers
• Oilers
• Gunners
• Voyagers
• Night Hawks
• Bisons
Madden Uniform 2

Designers can submit as many designs as they would like but must do so before March 7. All designs will be evaluated individually. None of the design aspects are elements of or inspired by real team uniforms and logos.

Get started by clicking the next step below for a step-by-step tutorial but before you do, download the Uniform & Logo design packet to get all the tool you need to start creating. Be sure to save the Photoshop .PSD versions of your files for submission!

The design packet will come with:

• (1) Logo Design Example
• (1) Logo Design Example
• (1) Home & Away Uniform Design Example
• (1) Home & Away Uniform Design Example
• (1) Step by Step Logo creation Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator
There's three more steps to follow in order to complete and successfully submit a design. Don't forget that you can submit as many as you please so take a good look at the next steps using these links:

Step Two - How-To Tutorial
Step Three - Design & Create
Step Four - Submit

Designs must be submitted before March 7th. Winners will receive a copy of the next Madden NFL game on whichever platform they choose, as well as design credits, of course. Good luck to those of you taking part in the contest.
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