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By Matthew Felton,
One of our most requested site features has finally arrived! My Game Collection is here to help you manage and browse your games library, played or sealed regardless.

My Game Collection page
We have added a new My Game Collection link to your gamer nav bar. This takes you through to your all-new Game Collection page:

Game Collection Image ViewGame Collection Image View

The Game Collection page defaults to using this Image View, but there is also a List View that shows a lot more information. You can change views by by clicking on the View and Filter button:

Game Collection OptionsGame Collection Options

As you can see, there's a great deal more you can do tucked away under this button - you can search by game name and filter on all of the following:

- Genre and Sub genre
- Platform
- Media (Digital, Disc, Both)
- Ownership (Owned, Loaned out, Looking to trade/sell, Borrowing, Renting, No longer have, Ordered)
- Play status (Playing now, Starting soon, Done with)
- Started (Started, Not started)
- Completion (Complete only, Incomplete only)
- Categories (Project Morpheus)

Most of these you'll be familiar with or are worked out automatically, but the Media, Ownership and Play status options can be set by you. more on this later!

You can also choose which columns you want to see in the List View - simply tick the ones you want in the filter dropdown to see them instantly added to the list!

Game Collection List ViewGame Collection List View

Click on the Save icon to set these as your default View, Sort, Filter and Column options.

Here you can edit the media, ownership and play status by clicking the Edit button in List View or clicking the box art of the game in Image View:

Game Collection Edit detailsGame Collection Edit details

You can also select which DLC you own for the title which will then be included on your My DLC page.

If a game is playable on multiple platforms you can select which platform you played it on.

Adding Games to your Collection
You can of course add games that you haven't played into your Game Collection by going to the game's page (even pre release games) and clicking the Add to Game Collection option in the Game dropdown under the game pic.

To make it even easier to add games, you can go to the Full Games List, type the name of the title and then click on the new Add to Game Collection icon in the results.

Gamer comparison
It's not all single player though - you can also compare your collection with your friends!

Choose gamers to compare in Image ViewChoose gamers to compare in Image View

Simply type in the name of the PSN ID(s) you want to compare to (your friends will appear first in the list). You can compare with up to 5 other gamers if you have a TrueTrophies Pro Account, or a single gamer if you don't have Pro.

You'll then see a mini leaderboard on all of the games in the image view, with the highest scorer at the top. Those that haven't started the game appear beneath with their ownership status:

Comparison panelsComparison panels

You can even filter to show only the games you all have in your collections, or just the ones you've all started!

Multi-edit mode
Changing your Ownership, Media or Play status for each individual game can take some time, so we've also included an option to edit multiple games at once.

You can choose to switch to Multi-edit mode (in the filter dropdown button). This will add checkboxes to the list view in place of the edit button, and also allow you to click on the box art in image view. Then click the Edit values button at the top to change the values for all the selected games at once.

Edit multiple items at onceEdit multiple items at once

Export collection
TrueTrophies Pro Account holders can now download their entire game collection as a csv file. Just click the download icon on the filter dropdown.

Game Collection settings
From My Settings you can change a few settings, including whether to use the new Game Collection pages instead of the old Gamer Games Lists (however this will still be available on your gamer menu).

Implementation across the site
There are an awful lot of places where we can potentially use the data from your game collection - for now we have put a new option on your My Trophies to exclude trophies from games you have set to Done with. This defaults to be selected on the Easy Trophies page.

Pro accounts
One final quick for Pro Accounts - if you haven't got one, there's no better time to get one with our buy 3 years get 1 free offer - click here for more details.

The TT Dev Team
Matthew Felton
Written by Matthew Felton
Matt has been working for TA since June 2014. When he's not playing video games he likes good books, bad movies, and cheap wine.
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