Blood Bowl 2 Trailer

By MunchMagic1986,
A new trailer has been released for Blood Bowl 2 giving players an overview of the game. This gives new players to the franchise an idea of what the American Football/ Warhammer mashup is all about. They also give some details about the game's single player and multiplayer modes and new additions to the game.

In addition to the eight different races in the game, it was revealed last month that one of two new player classes would be arriving to pre-order. The "Lizardmen" will be available as a pre-order incentive on Playstation 4 and will come with their own AI, design and players: Skinks, Saurus and Kroxigors. They also host their own Star Players: Slibli and Hemlock!

The other pre-order class, Wood Elves, will be available for Xbox One pre-orders.

Blood Bowl 2 will be released for Playstation 4 on September 22nd, 2015.

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