Disgaea: Triple Play Collection Confirmed for West

By Arnold Delgado,
Following the upcoming release of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance in October, NIS America continues to ride the momentum, confirming that they will be bringing the Disgaea: Triple Play Collection to North America on September 15th! The collection will feature three previous titles in the tactical RPG series, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten, Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, and may create an awkward transition from the generation gap of its successor.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
When the son of the Overlord steals a fake hero’s title, an all-out brawl for Evil Academy supremacy breaks out! Who will arrive victorious: The aspiring freshmen, the refined sophomores, or the mythical seniors? Fight it out, for the sake of the Netherworld!

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
In Hades, the Netherworld’s prison, Valvatorez, a Prinny Instructor, leads an uprising against the Corrupternment to fulfill a promise and usurp the current regime. With his Werewolf steward, Fenrich, the Netherworld President’s son, Emizel, the Unprinny, Fuka, the future Final Boss, Desco, and the mysterious Thief Angel, he is ready to correct the stagnation of the demons in charge.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
The Netherworld – a place where might makes right and today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies. After a long journey with many ups and downs, Laharl finally finds himself as a full-fledged Overlord. However, the other denizens of the Netherworld do not see him as such, so he sets out on a journey with his loyal(!?) vassals to receive the respect he deserves. Along the way, Laharl will meet a girl who claims to be his sister, demons with bigger than usual chips on their shoulders, and find out that even his own body holds a few surprises for him…

The Disgaea Triple Play Collection will be sailing to the West, for Playstation 3, on September 15th!
Arnold Delgado
Written by Arnold Delgado
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