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By Rebecca Smith,
If there is one thing that the Newshound team has come to expect during major gaming conferences, it is the announcement of a large number of indie titles that are announced during the show. This year, Sony surprised us when they stuck to big AAA announcements. To be fair, they tend to announce two or three new indie titles per week instead. Microsoft, however, did exactly what was to be expected and revealed 65 ID@Xbox titles. The thing is that Microsoft forgot to mention some of them. They finally remembered to mention the remaining 54 titles this week. By now, I'm sure that you're wondering how this is relevant to you, a Playstation gamer? Well, some of these titles are also coming across to Playstation platforms and we've decided to show you the trailers for these newly announced games.

We'll start with four titles that had already been announced. A successful Kickstarter project, Kingdom Come Deliverance is an open world Medieval RPG that is aiming for realism. We have a new aplha tech demo for you.

You may recognise this next one from the Playstation 3 where it has been available since February, but the game is also coming to Playstation 4 in the future. Hyper Void is a shoot 'em up in every sense of the word, but it isn't a side scroller or a top-down shooter. Instead players travel forward through 29 levels of intergalactic wormholes, defeating myriads of enemies and enormous bosses alike.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is a hack and slash title where players assume the role of a warrior maiden who must track down her former best friend and retrieve the sacred demon blade that she has stolen. Will you be able to end the feud between the pair?

The fourth trailer is for The Pinball Arcade. While this game was released in 2012 on PS3 and Vita, developer Farsight Studios continues to release new tables as DLC; we're on Season 4 right now. Below is a trailer showcasing some of the Season 4 tables that have already been released and others that are still to come.

Now we'll move on to the new titles, of which there are six.

1) Anima Gate of Memories (PS4)

Set in Gaïa, the fantasy third-person action RPG tells the tale of an ancient monster and a girl who has lost her past. The pair are bound together by an unwilling pact, trapped in a tower that is made of the memories of seven beings. Who will triumph, the pair who must save themselves or the beings that have been fated to end the pair's existence?

2) Buildanauts (PS4)

A construction game that can be played by people of all ages, players assume the role of a city planner, foreman and twon mayor all-in-one. The thing is, to be the mayor of this town means that you have to build it first. Survey, design, build and then manage your own creations.

3) Fat City (PS4/Vita)

In this action-puzzle title, players assume the role of Chris Knox, a hustler trying to pull of heists from a variety of high-value targets around New York City. Lead a team of highly-skilled hustlers to cause distractions and commit crimes simultaneously to maiximise your ill-gotten gains and fill the coffers of your crime syndicate. Once those coffers have enough money in them, maybe you will be able to gain back your loved one whose life is in real danger.

4) Toto Temple Deluxe (PS4)

Players are tasked with stealing a magical egg-laying goat but, in typical arena style, they must also prevent their friends from stealing it too. You gain points by balancing the goat on your head for as long as possible, but be careful. The goat gets very upset if you bash him about too much.


VIDEOBALL is a new sport for your TV that mixes up elements from soccer, football, real-time strategy, and shooting games. Battle across 35 arenas and change the rules to suit yourself in local matches that accommodate up to six players. Arcade mode allows for single player gameplay or co-op with a friend. Billed as a team sport that is simple enough for a child, it is also deep enough to keep you playing "after an apocalypse".

6) Yummy Circus (PS4/PS3/Vita)

Ginger and his Yummy friends have come up with a matching puzzle title that promises to be "the most addictive, colorful and varied mind bender yet"! The 300+ levels and ten game modes can accommodate up to four players locally or up to eight players online.

Do any of these titles take your fancy, or will you be sticking firmly to the new AAA titles that Sony promised at E3?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.