RONIN Coming to PlayStation

By Cindy Minguez,
During E3, Devolver Digital announced four new indie titles, but only gave us info on two. Today, we get at least some screenshots for a third, RONIN. RONIN tells the story of a lady out for revenge. This ninja-style platformer sees her stalking her five targets - all powerful figures in a shadowy conglomerate. Her goal is vengeance.







Laying out an unrelenting path of retribution, RONIN follows the exploits of a vengeful heroine determined to strike down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation. Plot your strikes via cunning use of razor wire or your deathly katana, or avoid combat via a holographic replicator and grappling hook until you locate your most advantageous position for an all-out assault...

RONIN takes you through more than 15 complex missions as you stalk your targets with silent steps and soaring leaps – but be careful, your enemies are carefully guarded and part of a secret, destructive conglomerate. Taking them out will be no easy task.

RONIN will be coming to the PS4 and Vita sometime this year.

We've got the full list of RONIN trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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