Mirror's Edge Catalyst E3 Interview

By Ben Crouch,
Ryan Clements from Playstation Blog had the privilege of interviewing Sara Jansson, the senior producer for Mirrors Edge Catalyst, during E3 this year, on their upcoming reboot of the game.

Sara goes on to explain how they wanted to properly explore Faith's origin story, her background, and make sure that there is proper character development throughout the game. They wanted to give players the opportunity to understand what Faith stands for, her motivations, and give her a more complete character as a whole.

By opening up and giving Faith an origins story, they hope to get more players involved from the beginning with this unique experience by making it more accessible, while still trying to tailor to the old fans of the previous entry.

There will no longer be guns in the game for the player to use; enemies will still have them, and it will be up to the player to disarm and deal with those enemies. As far as Faith goes, she will have to rely on her physical self, her momentum, and the environment to deal with these situations. They discuss a whole lot more, but watch the video for the full interview.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst shall be running, jumping and rolling onto PS4 on February 23rd, 2016.

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Ben Crouch
Written by Ben Crouch
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