Indie Devs Talk Up Their Games At E3

By MunchMagic1986,
During the backstage events at E3, several Indie developers gave a little description of their respective games in a kind of parody video, giving their opinion on what would make the best game ever. Of course, it was all fun and games as what they described as the best game ever was their own creations, along with some footage of the games also being shown. The developers in question are as follows:

Shadow Warrior 2 - Slawomir Uliasz, Flying Wild Hog
EITR - Tobi Harper, Eneme Entertainment
Capsule Force - Eric Wenske, Klobit Games
FutureGrind - Matt Rix, Milkbag Games
I Am Bread - Luke Williams, Bossa Studios
SOMA - Ian Thomas, Frictional Games
Mother Russia Bleeds - Alex Muttoni, Le Cartel
GNOG - Sam Boucher - Ko-Op Games
Hatoful Boyfriend - Luke Borrett - Mediatonic
Crossing Souls - Juan Diego Vázquez, Fourattic

On that note, what would make the best game ever for you? Do any of these games meet any of the things you would include in a perfect game?

All of these titles will be coming to Playstation 4 over the next couple of years, with Crossing Souls and Hatoful Boyfriend also coming to Vita.