Heavy Rain And Beyond: Two Souls PS4

By MunchMagic1986,
Quantic Dream has announced that they will be bringing their two highly popular titles Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls to Playstation 4. It has been five years since we went on a dramatic interactive adventure with Ethan in Heavy Rain. The game was classed as a Playstation 3 milestone at its time, but as we have seen in a big way lately, the technology available has improved greatly since then.

For many players Heavy Rain was a defining moment in their gaming history, and for us it was definitely a milestone of the PS3 generation. The BAFTA and AIAS winning game helped establish what we like to call ‘interactive drama’ back in 2010, and loads of you have told us over the years how much the game’s story of a father who would do anything for his son moved you.

We’re really proud of Heavy Rain and we can’t wait for you to either play it again or experience it for the very first time.
Beyond: Two Souls will be adding in a new way to play the game, too, at the request of many fans. Anyone who has played it knows that the story is not played in chronological order, often jumping from adult to child then back to adult. This sort of made sense with the way the story was going, but that didn't stop us from wanting to play it chronologically (without constantly going to chapter select all the time); now we can.

Jodie’s story is a tumultuous one, and one we know touched many of you at the time. On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order, watching Jodie grow from a curious young girl to a powerful woman. We’re hoping you’ll get a kick out of this much-requested mode.
Jodie 1

Jodie 2

No pricing or release date has been revealed just yet. They will, however, be available in separate digital downloads and as a two-game bundle both physically and digitally.