The Bread Pub Brawlers Trailer

By Dave Mavin,
The Bread Pub Brawlers offers an exciting new form of bar entertainment; it will let you rise to the occasion in this all-out slapstick game!

In a remote village, sometime during the 1800’s, local pubs fight for patrons using, yes, you guessed it, bread that has been given the ability to move through a special ingredient called the “Spice of Life”.

The Bread Pub Brawlers

Brawl with up to eight (four human and four A.I max) opponents for fun, profit, and to pay off your extensive bar tab in pubs of all sorts with your own doughy baked bread brawlers! Unlock more Ingredients for you to customize your Brawler with.

The Bread Pub Brawlers is out now on PS4 in the NA regions, no release date yet for EU, although it should be coming soon!

We've got the full list of The Bread Pub Brawlers trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Dave Mavin
Written by Dave Mavin
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