NBA LIVE 14 Update In the Works

By Matrarch,
NBA LIVE 14 is getting a pretty substantial update from the team at EA Tiburon. While the game definitely got out of the gate somewhat poorly, it seems they are taking trying to fix any present issues seriously. Here's what we can expect in the next title update:

One of the knocks against NBA LIVE is that it lacks a tutorial. In order to address this problem, EA has developed the new "Shootaround Mode". This mode allow you to practice many elements of the game, including how each individual player handles the ball. You can also work on shots and practice signature moves, or practice the timing of your jumpers as that was tweaked a little in the previous update.

EA also notes that this is only their first set of tutorial improvements, and that they intend to expand upon it in the future with the assistance of player feedback.

The team behind NBA LIVE 14 has taken major steps to improve the visual quality of the game. First, they adjusted the lighting and textures to make character models look less like plastic. These adjustments should be visible on players and uniforms. Second, EA stated that they have started to do scans of players to assist in developing a more realistic look, but that the process is "too long and complex to include in a Content Update." You will see the fruits of those labors in the next NBA LIVE title, however.

Several gameplay enhancements will go live with this update, including "improved responsiveness and control for first steps, plus dribble moves" and "multiple improvements to passing with ball physics, pass speeds and branch points within animations for improved responsiveness."

There are a number of other changes coming that don't quite fit into the above categories, including the introduction of "the official court and jerseys for NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, as well as some additional Adidas Hardwood Classic uniforms and a new basketball complete with the signature of new NBA commissioner Adam Silver." For anyone playing LIVE Season, the camera default has been shifted "to normal broadcast view rather than player lock" and new challenges are being added.

The team at EA Tiburon is actively working on these improvements not just for the benefit of NBA LIVE 2014, but for the future of the franchise, and they promise that these updates are laying the groundwork for a much smoother launch for the next version of the game. No date was specified for the update, but we can expect to see it launch in the near future.
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