Earthnight Returns With A Trailer and New Screens

By Brandon Fusco,
It's been nearly a year since we last heard about the hand-painted runner EarthNight, but the developer is making up for it. Today brings a few new details and a whole host of pretty things to look at.

What are you seeing? Well, quite a bit apparently:

We are creating a game in which each run is unique but feels meticulously hand-designed, where the player always experiences something different while still recognizing patterns. To achieve this we’re using what we call “hand-designed procedural generation.” We’ve broken down each dragon (level) into three chunks: a beginning, middle and end. Each of these chunks has at least five hand-designed variations that spawn procedurally according to a set of rules. This means the most basic dragons have 125 different potential layout variations. The first world contains four different dragons and therefore offers 244 million potential seeds. By World 2, there are over 59 quadrillion seeds and the finished game will have about 6.93 x 10^39 possible seeds. Basically, no matter how many runs you take, your path to EarthNight will always be different.
What I do know is that this trailer had a lot of fast moving images that, although pretty, were a little hard for my uninitiated brain to take in. For those lacking the aforementioned pattern recognition, a slew of wall-art ready screenshots were provided. Hopefully the game will ship with a way to turn off the UI.

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 1

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 2

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 3

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 4

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 5

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 6

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 7

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 8

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 9

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 10

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 11

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 12

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 13

Earthnight Pre-E3 2015 - 14

Recently, the team has really doubled down their efforts, bringing on Doug Holder of Naughty Dog fame and upping the visuals to 1080p/60 fps. Despite this new blood, the game has had to be pushed back to late 2016 on the PS Vita and PS4 as a result of the visual fidelity. Since Earthnight made an appearance at E3 last year, hopefully we'll have more for you on this game in just a couple of weeks rather than in another year's time.
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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