Hollowpoint Is Given A Closer Look

By Alex Frost,
Hollowpoint is given a much closer look in the latest update from its developer, Ruffian Games. Shown in trailers earlier this year in the 15 for '15 trailer, the idea of this title is further fleshed out in their latest blog post, including screenshots, gameplay mechanics, and an overall sense of what you can expect from this upcoming title.

At the highest possible level I would describe Hollowpoint as a four-player cooperative online game that blends tactical and action-packed combat experiences with procedurally built levels and a neverending supply of enemies, with a full progression and customisation focused meta-game to support it all.
Hollowpoint Early Screen 4 2015-04-17

It's also revealed that the game will have a strong co-op system for players to team-up with their friends for an altogether different, and sometimes more rewarding, experience.

The game can be played alone, and it’s a lot of fun, but it really comes alive when you play online with others. Playing co-operatively with up to three other players isn’t just about safety in numbers, it’s much more than that. If one of your Hollowpoints gets injured in a co-op game, they can be revived by a teammate, but in a solo game the only option is to teleport the injured player out and switch them with one of your backup Hollowpoints, leaving you a man down – you can only bring a maximum of four Hollowpoints into any Contract (what we call missions in-game).
Hollowpoint Early Screen 2015-04-17

Hollowpoint Early Screen 2 2015-04-17

Hollowpoint Early Screen 3 2015-04-17

Hollowpoint will be available on PS4 sometime in 2015.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Hollowpoint trophies.
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