Citizens Of Earth Update Detailed

By MunchMagic1986,
Eden Interactive have released an update for Citizens of Earth cleverly titled the "Political Action Traction Committee for Hope" or Patch for short. While this sounds like a cool DLC pack it is simply just a regular patch for the game addressing some issues with the game. Along with the bug fixes and improvements, they have added in a retro 16-bit era soundtrack.

Full details:

General Patch Details:

- Minor bug fixes
- Crash/stability fixes
- Reduced encounters in Casino Canyon
- Added checkpoint in Casino Canyon
- Added Retro soundtrack


- Added Remote Play support
- Added Cross-Save support

PS Vita:

- Added Remote Play support
- Added Cross-Save support
- Added PSTV support
If you have Citizens of Earth installed then the update will be available the next time you power on the PS4 or load the game on Vita.