Omega Quintet Screenshots

By Dave Mavin,
With the release of Omega Quintet slowly creeping up on us, Compile Heart has released a new set of screenshots, introducing the PS4 idol RPG’s ‘Harmonics’ battle system feature.

Harmonics is activated when two or more of your idols have consecutive turns. Once activated, you can cycle through the characters to strategically plan attacks and perform the special Harmonic chain combinations. With these, your idols combine their individual skills to unleash extra flashy, extra deadly attacks.

12/4/15 Screenshot 1

12/4/15 Screenshot 2

12/4/15 Screenshot 3

12/4/15 Screenshot 4

12/4/15 Screenshot 5

12/4/15 Screenshot 6

12/4/15 Screenshot 7

12/4/15 Screenshot 8

Omega Quintet will be available for the PS4 in North America on April 28th, 2015 and Europe on May 1st.
Dave Mavin
Written by Dave Mavin
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