Magic Duels: Origins Releases More Details

By MegsonGrove,
Originally revealed at GDC earlier this month, there is now some fresh details about upcoming card game Magic Duels: Origins. Releasing as the fifth card game in the Magic series, Magic Duels: Origins will be free to play when it comes to the Playstation 4. Whilst there will be chance in the game to purchase gold, we are promised that all content is available in game just by playing, and without spending a single penny. There will also be downloadable content to come for the game in the future, rather than brand new yearly releases for new Magic games.

MagicGet ready to duel!

This game will be available to players both new to the series and the more veteran players out there. There will be a tutorial to complete at the start, as well as handy tips all the way through. These tips will vary from explaining a new card type, to help you understand when you should have done a different move. In terms of decks, you will be able to have a deck auto built for you, which you can use straight off or continue to tinker with until it suits you.

Gamers who have played the previous Magic entries will see familiar game modes return, such as the Two Headed Giant mode that sees you take part in 2v2 matches. There's also a brand new Solo mode, which you will be able to take part in both online and offline in an endless amount of customisable battles. You'll also be able to carry on the story mode, meeting five new planeswalkers, and you will also be partaking in challenges throughout the story to win more gold to trade for booster packs.

Magic Duels: Origins will be coming to Playstation 4 this July and will be free to play. Have you played the previous Magic games and are excited for this one, or will you take this chance to get into the series?
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