Basement Brawl Becomes Brawl

By MunchMagic1986,
Bloober Team have given out some more details on their upcoming re-release of the game Basement Crawl. Originally planned to be renamed to Basement Brawl, it has now been changed again to just Brawl.


Brawl will be a horror themed party game for Playstation 4 supporting up to 4 players, in both online and offline game modes. Along with the party game mode, Brawl will also feature 8 short single player campaigns that promises in depth character backstory, unique character skills and challenges to help you sharpen your tactics and have some good old school fun.

Brawl 2

Michal from Bloober Team gave some information on the online and offline game modes for the game.


Versus/Arena: These are fairly self-explanatory – simply get the most frags by placing bombs and using your special skills.

Duel: This is our 1v1 mode, in which players fight in much smaller arenas. It’s fast paced, but still very technical — so it feels like a fighting game. It’s perfect for tournaments. We tried it during the e-sports event IEM 2015, and gamers loved it!

Offline: As I mentioned, there are a couple of other local-only multiplayer modes. Let me tell you only about Colour Domination, where you change the colour of the arena using paint-filled bombs. The outcome of each match can change radically in a matter of seconds. Also, it’s the one mode where you can literally paint yourself into a corner. Just dwell on that for a moment
Brawl 3

Brawl 4

Brawl 5

Brawl 6

While there was no information regarding pricing or the release date other than "soon", the developer confirmed that if you previously purchased Basement Crawl then Brawl will be available for the sweet, tasty price of free! We will keep you updated with any new details when they become available.