Deep Down Gets More Details

By Peter Stojanov,
Some more details comes our way from a lengthy interview with management director at Capcom, Teruki Miyashita who's leading the development for the upcoming title, Deep Down.

During the interview, Mr. Miyashita goes into detail about the gameplay and how it being an online game has a big impact on what stories and dungeons you explore on a regular basis. He went on to explain that the team is experimenting with the exploration into producing realistic life elements, and also about the "voices" of objects that the player can hear when you pick them up through the controller. The team plans to bring a game where the player can fully immerse themselves in it.

Another piece of interesting news from the interview is that the game will be available as a free download, with store items and quests that will be purchasable right off the bat as well as in the coming years on a certain schedule. This will let Deep Down players to game with one another for free and also encouraging team-play with lots of scheduled events. They are estimating 10-years of gameplay scheduled for gamers and are looking to base updates, events and new features over the years based on users' responses to the title as they look to make a lasting game, almost like a second (fantasy) life.


Deep Down still doesn't have a release date but we will keep gamers updated as more is revealed.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Deep Down trophies.